Submission Process

Submissions are due on or before January 31, 2018 via the submission form.
We encourage pre-submitting by sending entries before December 15th, 2017, to receive feedback and the opportunity to re-submit ahead of the final deadline.

Each submission will be reviewed as it is submitted, up until the deadline. Applicants are encouraged to submit their ideas as soon as they are ready.

Submissions must be brief and clear. They should be submitted as a PDF no longer than three pages, plus any appendices or citations an applicant deems relevant. Applicants are encouraged to review the Case Examples section before making a submission.

Judging Citeria

All submissions will be based on the following:

  • Inclusion of at least one prescription medication.
  • A strong scientific basis for the hypothesis.
  • Level of seriousness of potential interaction/serious adverse event.
  • Proposed quantifiable clinical/non-clinical ways to test the hypothesis.
  • Originality: the hypothesis must not have been previously studied or currently addressed on an existing drug label.
  • Finalists should expect to receive notification by February 15, 2018.