The Sternfels Prize has assembled an elite group of judges with substantial medical, pharmacological, and research experience. The panel will review finalist submissions on a blinded basis and select a winner that best meets the competition’s criteria (see submissions process and information).

David J. Greenblatt, MD, FCP

The Louis Lasagna, MD, Endowed Professor of Integrative Physiology & Pathology
Tufts University

Lawrence J. Lesko, PhD, FCP

University of Florida

Wayne (Nick) T. Nicholson, MD, PharmD

Assistant Professor of Pharmacology and Anesthesiology
Mayo Clinic

Dan M. Roden, MD

Professor of Medicine, Pharmacology, and Biomedical Informatics
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

2018 Judging Session

In Memoriam

Darrell R. Abernethy MD, PhD

November 2, 1949 - November 18, 2017

Dr. Darrell Abernethy was a giant in his field. Most recently he served as Associate Director for Drug Safety at the FDA and held appointments at multiple academic institutions and the NIH over his career. Dr. Abernethy contributed heavily to the field of pharmacology and was a career long student and champion of drug safety. He was an ardent supporter of the Sternfels Prize from its inception. Despite being an expert’s expert himself, Dr. Abernethy strongly believed in the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ and that there were individuals from many professions who may be positioned to develop the idea that unlocks another major discovery in drug safety. His absence will be felt on the panel and in the field. To learn more about Dr. Abernethy and all the lives he touched, read his tribute from Dr. Greenblatt in the February edition of Clinical Pharmacology in Drug Development.