Each new pharmaceutical is a life-changing technological wonder. The Sternfels Prize was created to reduce the risk associated with the real-world use of pharmaceuticals. The purpose of the prize is to incentivize pharmacologists, pharmacists, medical practitioners, academics, and students to think about ways to reduce the real world risks patients face from polypharmacy, interacting co-morbidities, and genetic variations.

The prize is awarded to the most novel, important, and testable idea to reduce life threatening drug-drug, drug-disease, or pharmacogenomic interactions. All submissions must be the applicant’s own work and not already be adequately addressed on an existing drug label or in a scholarly work. The winning submission will receive $35,000 (USD). 

The Sternfels Prize is named in honor of Edith and Ernst Sternfels. Ernst was an engineer involved in the design and construction of chemical plants around the world, including many involved in the synthesis of life-improving molecules. Edith was a nurse, dedicated to the welfare and treatment of patients. Together, they represent the wingspan of modern medicine, from highly technical science to personal attention and care.

New this Year

Now open worldwide!

All applicants will receive their choice of a Merck Manual, Goodman and Gilman’s The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics, or Introduction to Clinical Pharmacology for making a qualifying submission*

All submitted ideas will remain confidential and the property of the applicant and/or their institution.


The winner will receive a $35,000 cash award for having the best idea.

Depending on the applicant's interest, the Prize Committe may be able to arrange funding of clinical studies related to an idea.


All submissions are due by January 31, 2018. If you would like feedback on your proposal and a chance to resubmit, please submit your application by December 15, 2017.


A panel of 5 renowned judges will determine the winner based on the Prize's stated criteria.

*Qualifying submissions are proposals for novel, unpublished ideas as determined by the Sternfels staff